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I like girls and boys. I don't know what I want to be when I grow up. I'm looking for someone who won't eat my heart out with a steak knife. I'm twenty-one, atheist, I love swearing, bright eyes and 4chan. I have brown eyes and too much common sense. I post nudes, don't like it don't follow.



Adventure Time has been doing a lot of neat things lately! Goliad, for instance 


Adventure Time has been doing a lot of neat things lately! Goliad, for instance 


So I saw this post about the theory that Marceline drinks PB’s pink on occasion, and I had so much enthusiasm for this idea that I just couldn’t contain it. 



a moxa box ! by kiki of moxa northwest, as available on @PoppySwap . right now there are only a dozen+ of them in the world ! moxa is a traditional chinese medicine method of detoxification . it is great for helping bruises heal up and moving stagnate energy . this box has a screen on the bottom, for easy placement on the body . i love to put it on top of my head ! i have also noticed is helps with sleep . this creation is a modern gift from the herbal gods♥♥


Marvel and Natalie Portman Announce Mentoring Program For Young Women Interested in STEM fields.

By Amy Ratcliffe. | Nerd Approved | Image Credit: Marvel logo via Wiki, second image via From Quarks to Quasars.

Marvel’s looking for the next Jane Foster. The character in Thor and Thor: The Dark World is an astrophysicist. Natalie Portman enjoyed getting to play a scientist, and she believes it’s a smart move to encourage girls to take on those kind of roles. Enter the Ultimate Mentor Adventure. The program will put young women interested in STEM fields (science technology, engineering, and mathematics) in the real world with successful women in those fields. They’ll get to ask questions and receive advice from women who have already blazed the trail. I think it’s one of the coolest things Marvel has done.

To enter the program, you must be 14 years or older and enrolled in grades 9-12. Once you complete an application form, you find a woman working in a STEM field in your area. Marvel has linked helpful resources to help you find someone. Finally, you create a video about yourself and submit it. The best videos will win a grand trip prize to Los Angeles to see the movie, participate in a documentary short, and to go behind the scenes of places like Disneyland.

Submissions are due by October 20 and even though winning is awesome, I think the best part will be finding a scientist to interview and receive mentorship from.

(via justJENN)

Learn more on contest rules and how to enter here.

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